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General terms and conditions

JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop.be is a product of Quality Seekers BVBA (hereafter called JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop) with enterprise number 0880081196, located in Antwerp 2018, Bosmanslei 31.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop is only a space where employers can announce their vacancies to the general public. Interested candidates respond directly to the employer.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop is not involved in any way with the actual selection process or employer negotiations. JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop cannot be held responsible for a candidate or a dispute between the parties. Parties declare themselves in agreement that JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop cannot be considered a selection agency or temporary employment office.
By placing a vacancy ad, the employer agrees with the general terms and conditions as stated on the site www.JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop.be.
Employers agree to JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop using photos used on the employer's website or social media.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop retains the right to adjust, change and/or supplement the general terms and conditions at any time by displaying the adjusted, changed and/or supplemented clauses on the website. The employers are aware that it is impossible to accept only part of the terms and conditions. Every acceptance automatically includes a complete acceptance of the terms and conditions.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop retains the right not to publish certain vacancies and/or information on the website. The employer agrees with the prices mentioned on the website. Invoices are written by (Quality Seekers BVBA) upon publication of the vacancy. Invoices are payable within 14 days.
Vacancies must always refer to one concrete position in the company and clearly describe it.
When posting a job advertisement, the employer pledges to treat the obtained information with discretion and only to use it for personnel selection for the vacancy described in the advertisement.
When posting a job advertisement, employers agree to the creation of a company profile in which data about the company is made public (names, telephone number, e-mail addresses). Employers can explicitly request the placement of a ‘discrete’ vacancy.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop does not maintain a database of candidates that apply for jobs via the website. The information is sent directly to the employer.
The employer is invited to complete a form so that JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop receives complete and correct information. If the form is completed correctly and the terms and conditions are accepted then the ad will be published online.
The employer agrees not to use information received via the website for illegal purposes and to take privacy legislation into account.
The employer is aware that JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop will publish the vacancy online within 24 hours (on weekdays). The vacancy will remain on the website for 8 weeks.
After publishing a vacancy, JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop will send an invoice to the employer for the published job advertisement.
The employer pledges to pay the invoices within 14 days after the invoice date.
Complaints related to invoices must be sent to JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop no later than the due date of the invoice.
If the employer fails to pay the invoice after the due date and, despite written reminders, payment is not still received then JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop claims the right to charge an annual interest rate of 10%, from the due date of the invoice, and to charge an administrative fee of 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 50 euro. New job advertisements will no longer be published online. Current advertisements will be halted.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop is not responsible for the suitability or the character of a candidate.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop is not responsible for the information provided by the employer.
JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop does not guarantee that the functionality displayed in the website's equipment/information will not be interrupted or is free of flaws, that flaws will be adjusted, or that the equipment/information, this website or the server that facilitates access to the website, are free of errors, viruses, “worms” and/or any other damage-inducing components. The employer, and not JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop, bears the entire cost of all necessary services, repairs, replacements and improvements resulting from abovementioned damage-inducing components.
Without limiting the above in any way, these Terms and Conditions determine that the maximum liability of JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop, and every possible claim on the part of the employer for any reason whatsoever, is limited to the amount that the employer paid, if payment has already occurred, to JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop for services rendered and this is limited to a period of 12 months prior to the cause of the action.
For disputes that arise directly or indirectly from the Terms and Conditions, the courts (including the justice of the peace court) of the judicial district of Antwerp are authorised, with the exception of other legal bodies. These Terms and Conditions fall under Belgian law, and Belgian law will be applied.
The Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions are binding for both parties.
Please note that, based on the executive decision of the decree of 13/04/1999 referring to the licence of recruitment bureaus, JobKitchen/JobHotel/JobOnTop is exempt from the obligation of obtaining a licence.

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